Store Overview

Products available in the Trust Edge Certified Store are sold at a discount of ~50% off for our Partners. This is to incentivize the use of physical materials during a facilitation. We believe that the use of physical materials will improve the learning of the attendees which ultimately leads to greater impact of the training.

Keep in mind that we do charge for Shipping costs as well that will be invoiced separately from the initial purchase.

We offer a variety of products in the Certified Store including books, marketing/gift material and training material.


  • The Trust Edge
    • Based on research but made practical for today’s leader, The Trust Edge shows that trust is quantifiable and brings dramatic results to businesses and leaders
  • Trusted Leader
    • Readers learn of the Eight Pillars of Trust through the journey of a fictional leader, Ethan Parker as he discovers the power of trust and how to apply it amid the complexities of leadership, change, and culture transformation.
  • The Daily Edge
    • This book is best used for individual development. Many of the tactics can also be applied on a team or organizational level as well. 

Marketing/Gift Materials:

We offer a variety of items under this category including: Trust Outlook research, the Trust Edge Journal, “Do the Work” shovels and Thermal Mugs. We hope you will utilize these tools as reminders for those you are training to increase the stickiness of the Trust Edge Material within an organization.

Training Materials

These are some of our most important materials for driving trust through presentations and cascading throughout organizations. Utilizing the workbook and the toolkit allows for the trainees to take notes in line with the presentation being given in order to bring their learnings back to their daily career and life.

If you have any questions or inquiries about bulk purchases of training materials, please reach out to our team at We will be happy to assist you in your efforts to build trusted leaders and organizations around the world.