Creating a Group

Groups are a powerful way for you to utilize the platform as a home-base for the group that you are coaching/training. The groups function on the platform acts similarly to other social networks with the ability to post text/pictures/videos in a news feed format. But it also allows you to customize your group with ability to add a forum, a cover photo, a group photo and more.

How to Create a Group:

  • Click your name in the upper right corner after you are logged in
  • Select Group Management from the dropdown menu
  • Select Create group towards the top on the left (light grey)
  • Complete the 5 stages of group creation
    • Details: Here you will input your group name and description
    • Settings: Here you will input your privacy preference
      • Private – All Members and Partners can request to join this group or you can invite them to join this group
      • Hidden – This is an invite only group (you must invite members or partners to join this group)
    • Forum: Here you can select if you want to have a topical discussion forum separate from your standard news feed
    • Photo: Upload a group logo so those you are training have a familiar look and feel to come back to
    • Cover Photo: Choose a photo to be displayed in the header of your group page