Assessments Overview

Assessments Overview (Segments and Organizations)

On the platform you can utilize the self and team and assessments on an unlimited use basis at no additional cost to you.*

Adding a new organization to assess: We provide the ability to expand Organizations to two levels; organizations and segments. This provides you with the flexibility to stay organized with the different teams/groups/organizations that you are assessing.

Organizations & Segments

START HERE or click Start Assessing on the Dashboard

  • Organizations can be categorized as the Group or Company that you’re assessing. Think of it as the top-level group that you are assessing. (Ex. Microsoft, Joe’s Barber Shop, Microsoft Chicago)
    • Use the “Add organization” button at the top of the Organization column to add any organizations that you may be working with
  • Segments can be categorized as the team, individual or collection of individuals that will be assessed. Think of this as the smaller groups you will be assessing (Ex. Sales Team, 5th Grade Teachers, Northwest Region, Senior leadership team, etc)
    • Be sure to use the “Add “button in the segments column to add all associated segments


  • If it’s a large organization you could create a single “Organization” like Microsoft with segments such as Sales Team, Marketing Team and Customer Service Team or Western Region and Southern Region, Etc.
  • If it’s a small business, you would likely just place the name of the business in both the organization and segment fields. (Org: Joe’s Barber Shop Seg: Joe’s Barber Shop)

After you create your organizations and segments, you will be able to create Self or Team Assessments to benchmark levels of trust in your teams or in customers. To do this you will use the iconography in the right column of the Assessment portal to choose the aligned assessment.

NOTE: If you need to edit/delete your organization or segment, select the red linked text in the segment or organization column to execute an edit or delete.

*If you are an independent Partner, we encourage you to charge for use  of these assessments as an upsell or add-on to your training

Click below for help on assessment creation:

Self-Assessment Setup
Team Assessment Setup