Teach Overview

Resources are available in the TEACH section on the platform. To allow for deep customization for a group or individual that you are training, we provide a wide variety of resources including videos, handouts, exercises, and even discussion guides. 

In order to use the teach section, you can select “teach” from the Dashboard. From here you can filter using one of the 4 categories listed, or use search to discover the resources that you are looking for.

Ex. Try searching “Concepts” to open the concepts guide which is a great place to start when you are in the early planning stages of how to solve issues based on a specific pillar.

As a start, here is a list of the sections that you can click to filter by:

  • Presentations– The collection of presentations that will provide you content to facilitate a full-day, half-day or 2-hour session. Keep in mind that you are able to cut these slide decks however you choose as long as you leave credits, trademarks and copyrights where they belong.
  • Exercises and Handouts– All key exercises and handouts that you can use to print and handout during your presentations to engage your audience and activate learning.
  • Training Tools– These tools are for preparing and developing your plans of rolling out the Trust Edge Material in your customized scenario.
  • Discussion Guides– You can use these guides to facilitate discussion around David’s books, each of the 8-Pillars and the Case for Trust.
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