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Categories are defined on the Platform as the various presentation styles you can use in your trainings. These categories include everything from preparing for a workshop to handouts that you can use during the workshop. Below is a breakdown of the categories available in the Resources Section:


  • Preparation
  • Exercises
  • Handouts
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Assessments
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing Learning
  • Research
  • Case Studies


When you are getting ready to present, these tools will help you begin to compile ideas for what you will be presenting or training including the research, a variety of slide decks, worksheets, and more.


In this category, you’ll find any item that makes for a great exercise during your presentation, if you select “view tags”, you’ll be able to see which pillars each exercise falls under. Exercises include, the Trust Shield, 90 Day Quick Plan, and Discussion Guides.


Items in this section will include different worksheets that you can handout for notetaking, or research magazines for an event handout/gift.


This is where you will find the slide decks for your presentation along with content outline worksheets and more.

Group Discussions

This section contains a variety of discussion guides including Trusted Leader and The Trust Edge book guides and other 8-Pillar specific discussion guides.


Here you will find the Trust Pulse Diagnostic Assessment along with .pdf versions of the self and team assessments. You will also find a deeper look at the self and team assessements in the behavior guides


In the marketing section, you have access to a few of the Trust Outlook Whitepapers that make great email attachments pre or post event, Certified Badges that you can use on your LinkedIn profiles, and other marketing tools.

Ongoing Learning

In the ongoing learning section, there are materials including coaching tip .pdf’s and storytelling documents that will help you learn to craft better stories for your presentations.


This is the main location for the Trust Outlook research along with research specific slides that breaks down research quotes into slides that you can use in your presentations to better customize for your audience.

Case Studies

These case studies are used internally at Trust Edge Leadership Institute to show the value that can be gained when an individual or organization implements the Trust Edge into their life or culture.

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